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Job Resume - Applications

$20 / license

Current Version:
v4.9.0 for SEv4

This addon integrates both Job Post plugin and Resume plugin together. It allows your member to submit their own resumes to jobs posted on your site. It comes with very easily to use interface which let your member view submitted jobs, and as well as job posters to manage and process submitted resumes.

Key Features

  • Job application can have cover letter, personal notes
  • Applications can be processed with different statuses, rating, remarks, and notes
  • Notification to job poster when new resume is submitted
  • Notifications to job applicant when application status is updated
  • Applications can be easily searched and sorted
  • Job poster can enable / disable resume submission


This addon come with 3 widgets

  • Submit Resume: used on Job Profile Page (display submit resume button)
  • Job Applications: used on Resume - Edit Page, link to submitted jobs for particular resume
  • Resume Applications: used on Job - Edit Page, link to submitted resumes for particular job


  • Easy to browse submitted resumes using sorting and filter form
  • Define number of applications per page
  • Set default resume submission option for jobs
  • Member level settings


Below are sample screenshots

Required Plugins

These following plugins are required for this addon