frequently asked questions

Is the plugin's source code encrypted?
Our source code is 100% unencrypted so you can make absolutely any changes you need for your site.
What are the requirements for plugins?
In order to install and use our plugins, you will need SocialEngine script up and running on your website. There may be extra requirements for each particular plugins, please check the plugin product page for full details.
What is your refund policy?
Due to the nature of our plugins with 100% fully unencrypted source code, we only provide refunds in the case that your purchased plugin cannot be properly installed on your server even when your site meets plugin's minimum requirements. This means that both you and the our staff are unable to install the plugin properly.

We have demonstration for the ability of our plugins, as well as description, and feature list of exactly what plugins can do along with screenshots. Please read, review them, and test drive on our demo site before you make your purchase. If you have questions about plugin's features, what they can or cannot do, please feel free to contact us.

Please note that our plugins are built specifically for SocialEngine, and of course, requires SocialEngine as stated/shown on product pages, demo site, screenshots, and download page etc.. Hence, no refund would be provided by claiming that you do not have SocialEngine running on your website after you have downloaded our plugins. In other words, if you have downloaded our plugins, and then telling us that you do not have SocialEngine or know about SocialEngine will not qualify for refund. Of course, we'll be happy to refund you if you have not downloaded our plugins.

Basically, we provide refund only if ALL of the following requirements are met:
1) Refund is requested within 24 hours after purchase
2) If your site meets the plugin requirements and essential features of the plugin will not work on your site
3) We cannot fix the plugin errors using given server hosting control panel, ftp, database and admin access logins
4) Errors are not caused by your modifications of the plugin or any part of SocialEngine and other plugins
5) You have not registered the license key
6) You have not downloaded our plugin script / software / package file(s)

We don't provide refund for the purchased hours packages if they are:
- purchased more than 24 hours ago
- partly used
- you don't need or want it any more
Do you allow exchange for purchased plugins?
Due to the nature of our plugins with 100% fully unencrypted source code, we can only exchange them for you when one of these conditions is met:
a) you have not downloaded your purchased plugins
b) the plugins could not be installed on your site
c) purchased the wrong plugin (contact us right away - within 24 hours)

In some extreme case, we do allow exchange, however this would be on case-by-case basis, and there will be a 25% processing fee charged on your returning plugin when doing exchange within 30 days of purchasing. 50% fee will be charged for doing exchange after 30 days of purchasing. After 90 days of purchasing, exchange will not be allowed. The fee will be calculated based on the full retail price of the plugin, and any discount/coupon used on your purchase would be lost (taken back).

For example, you purchased plugin A for $40, and would like to exchange it with plugin B (cost $80), the different, you would have to pay with a 25% fee, is $80 - ($40 x 0.75) = $50. In case that the plugin A ($80) cost more than plugin B ($40), and you left with a credit [math: $40 - ($80 x 0.75) = -$20], then credit will be in form of "store credit" (or discount) which you can use to purchase other plugins in future whenever you want.
How soon will I receive my download information after purchasing?
You will receive your license information and download instruction within 24 hours of your purchase - but usually much sooner. We manually process all orders to helps us prevent fraudulent orders.
Is there a discount for purchasing multiple licenses of the same plugin?
We offer substantial discounts for purchasing multiple licenses of the same plugin. Please contact us for more details.
Do you accept other payment methods beside Paypal?
We accept payments via 2checkout.com and Google Checkout. If you would like to use either method, please send us a message with a list of plugins you would like to purchase and method you would like to pay by.
How do I download my purchased plugins?
After you order, an auto "Order Confirmation" email will be sent to your Paypal email address which contains license keys for your purchased plugins. Please check that email first, then follow these steps:

1) Register for an account at our store if you don't have one yet.
2) Log in to your account.
3) Go to "My Account" home page, on the navigation menu (right side), click on "Register License Key" link
4) Enter your plugin license key which was sent to your PayPal email address, and domain name where you will install the plugin.
5) After you registered your purchased plugins, you should be able to see them listed under "Purchased Products" page. Click on the plugin name that you want to download.
6) On "Transaction :: View Details" page, you will see "Download Now" button. Click on it and save the file on your computer.
Is the license a one-time purchase or an annual agreement?
The purchase of a plugin license is a one-time fee, and entitles you to the complete unencrypted source code for use on one domain.
Do I need more than one license if i'm installing plugin on several domains/subdomains?
Yes, every installation of plugin requires a license. However, you are entitled to install it on your development or testing server provided it's not publicly accessible, and it must be for the site that you have registered.

Let's say you registered "domain.com" (main site), you can add dev/test domain (or host, ip etc..) such as "localhost", "dev.domain.com", "test.domain.com" to your domain list, provided that these dev/test hosts are really for the development and testing purposes of the "main site".

We do NOT allow you to add domain/sub-domain/server/host/ip to domain list if they are NOT for the "main site". A new license is required! For example: you have registered "pet.domain.com" (for your main pet community site), you must purchase new license for "car.domain.com" (your other car community site) because they are totally different sites. Just because both live under "domain.com" does NOT mean you can use the same license key.

If you have doubt, please ask us, and do not make any assumption about licensing.
Can I resell your plugin which I have customized/modified heavily?
No, you cannot resell or re-distribute Radcodes plugins in any way, regardless of how you customized or modified them.
What is Radcodes - Core Library?
All Radcodes plugins use this shared library, which provides core functions, classes etc.. for plugins to use in a uniform, control environment. You must install this prior to install any Radcodes plugins. It is recommended that you should always have the latest version of this library installed on your SocialEngine site. It's free!
How can I import games from Mochi Media?
To import games from Mochi, please follow these steps:

1) Sign up for a FREE account on their site (as a publisher):

2) Log in to Mochi, and get your Mochi's Publisher ID / Secret key. You can find them on Mochi's site, under Publisher Tool :: Settings page

3) Once you have the ID / key, go to your SocialEngine website Admin :: Plugins :: Games,
under "Global Settings" tab, and update your settings

4) After that, you can import games by going to Admin :: Plugins :: Games,
under "View Games" tab, click on "Import Games" and follow instruction on import form
What is Radcodes - ePayment Module and what payment gateway does it support?
Just like Radcodes Core Library, ePayment Module is a special plugin that handles payment processing for various of Radcodes plugins (ex: Job Post, Resume, Business Directory etc..) which support accepting payment from your users. Currently, it supports PayPal which is the biggest and most popular payment gateway in the world. You do NOT need to install this module unless the installation instruction tell you otherwise. It's free!
Why do I get "An Error Has Occurred .. The profile you are looking for has been deleted or does not exist." after I click on a link of newly installed XYZ plugin?
This usually happens when you use "Subdirectory URLs" for your URL setting, and you forgot to update your .htacess file. After you install the XYZ plugin, and you use "Subdirectory" (mod_rewrite) for your SE URL, you have to update your .htaccess by log in to your Admin, go to "URL Setting" and follow instruction on that page.
I could not upload photo / files, what's wrong?
Plenty things could be wrong. Here are a few things you should check:
1) Make sure you have set the permission (writable) for "uploads_XYZ" folder correctly.
2) Check the "Global XYZ Setting" page, as well as "User Level :: XYZ Setting" page in your SE Admin area, make sure you have extensions and mime-types set correctly.
3) Try to upload different files, with different size and/or extension. If you can, then the error probably has to do with your setting in #2, or the file you tried to upload previously is corrupted.
Why do I "An Error Has Occurred: The profile you are looking for has been deleted or does not exist." when I click on links after install plugin?
It's very likely that you have enabled the SE "subdirectory" feature (ie mod_rewrite), and forgot to update your .htaccess file. All you have to do is go to your SE Admin :: URL Setting, and get the latest code for your .htaccess file.
Upload failed: Server returned HTTP-Status #404 or #403
It is usually caused due to confliction of fancyupload with mod_security this will not work and will give you 406 and 403 errors.
To fix this you need to put the following in your .htaccess file in end to disable mod_security:

<IfModule mod_security.c>
SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off
Updated failed: Server returned HTTP-Status #302
"One way around this problem is to upload the file directly to SocialEngine using an FTP client. Log into your website over FTP and locate the "/temporary/package/archives/" directory in your SocialEngine path. Upload the tar file to this directory, and set the permissions of the file to 777. Then, proceed to the Manage > Packages & Plugins page. SocialEngine should be able to detect the file and extract its contents, allowing you to proceed with the rest of the installation." (from http://www.socialengine.net/support/documentation/article?q=140)
Copy and paste (from Word/Website) is not working in my browser?
Unfortunately, this is out-side scope of the support. The plugin use the built-in editor (TinyMCE) that come with SocialEngine. That could be a bug or limitation of the built-in editor when dealing with some particular browser's versions like Safari/Chrome etc.. (yours could be one of it). It could also be that you may have strict settings in your browser which prevent advanced paste from other external application to work with the editor. A quick search in Google (example "tinymce paste from word") would show that this problem does happen with others as well. So best bet is to wait for SocialEngine to update the editor in future (which may fix this issue).

Also, if you are copy from Word doc, there is a special paste button (which has a little "W" icon on it), try to use it. The SE built-in editor just try it best to interpret the content that stored in your clip-note memory. Regardless of what happen, please understand that Word format is NOT the same has HTML code format. The result of conversion (whether it works or not) is greatly depend on the editor itself.

Please note that the only fire sure copy and paste is PLAIN TEXT. Other copy and paste from various of different sources (such as Words or web page) may produce different / unexpected result.
Why I can't upload image using [image] button found on HTML editor?
The image direct upload (see screenshot) from computer using [image] button on HTML editor requires official SE Album Photo plugin (NOT some 3rd party Album / Photo plugins). If you do not have SE Album plugin, the plugin would still work fine, except that the [image] button upload function will not supported.
How do I get Yahoo API key for SEO / Sitemap plugin?
1) sign up for an account at
2) log in, then go to My Projects
3) Create a new project, see screen shot
4) follow instruction on that page to get API key
How do I fix "limit exceeded" when submit sitemap to Yahoo?
The error you get with Yahoo is usually what people would be getting because of Yahoo's IP threshold block which only allows a very limited number of submit per day per IP address, which can be shared on your hosting server, or IPS. Yahoo is trying to get people Pay to use this service to by-pass the block.

You can always try to manually submit it here (Submit Site Feed, and enter your sitemap xml url)
How can I increase upload file size to more than 2MB?
SocialEngine limits on upload file size are determined by your server's PHP settings. The default values for PHP will restrict you to a maximum 2 MB upload file size.

The maximum file size that you can set based upon two PHP settings: 'post_max_size' and 'upload_max_filesize'. Depending on your host, changing these two PHP variables can be done in a number of places with the most likely being php.ini or .htaccess (depending on your hosting situation).

For example, to increase the limit on uploaded files to 8 MB:
Add the below to the relevant php.ini file (recommended, if you have access). Note that for some hosts this is a system-wide setting.
upload_max_filesize = 8M
post_max_size = 8M

We strongly recommend you not to set value larger than 8MB. The bigger the file, the more chances that file would fail to upload due to connectivity, timeout, and the reliability of end-user connection. This has nothing to do with SocialEngine or plugins in general.
What is "custom.csv" inside language folders for?
Under your "/application/languages", there should be a folder name called "en". You should NOT remove / rename this folder!!

This is folder contain SE default English language, ALL .csv files in here (except "custom.csv") should NOT be modified in anyway.
If you modify them, its changes may be lost when you upgrade SE & plugins.
The "en/custom.csv" is where all YOURS custom (English => English) wording updates are stored.

Now, if you create a new language pack, let's say "German (Belgium)", then you will see the new folder "de_BE" as well.
Now inside this folder, you should also see the "custom.csv" file as well.
The "de_BE/custom.csv" is where all YOURS custom translations from English => German are stored.

From the above, let say there is a word "Jobs" (in English) that you want to change.

If you modify "Jobs" in English to the new word "English_Jobs", then inside the "en/custom.csv" file, you will see

If you do translation "Jobs" in English to the new word "German_Jobs" for the "German (Belgium)" pack, then inside the "de_BE/custom.csv", you will see
What is the usage for %subject_***% tag in SEO Sitemap plugin?
A subject is a SocialEngine technical term which defined as a primary / main item that associated with a page. It can be a member, a group, an event, a blog post etc..

Usually, the only pages that have a "subject" associated with them are XYZ Profile/View Page (such as Member Profile Page, Group Profile Page, Event Profile Page, Article Profile Page etc..), for example:

When a page has subject, then you can use the %subject_title% .. tag, which would be replaced with subject's title (event/group/article title etc..).

So let say if you create a SEO Page for "group profile page", you use the "Add Page Wizard", and paste in a sample group profile page url (ex: http://se4.radcodes.net/group/125)
and you fill out the form with these info:
Page Title = Group %subject_title% by %subject_owner%
Page Description = The description of the group is %subject_description%
Assuming there is a group named "College Band", with its description as "hottest band members in the world of internet", created by a member name "John Doe"

Then when you visit this group profile page, you will see
Page Title = Group College Band by John Doe
Page Description = The description of the group is hottest band members in the world of internet

Of course, pages such as Home Page, Browse XYZ (Event, Group, Article, Blog etc..) pages etc.. do not have a subject associated with it because there is no main single item that associated with it. They contain multiple widgets which pull out different type of records / data, or just listing multiple items/records.
Why certain activity feed does not display for some members / visitors?
The plugin does NOT really decide who should / would see the feed. SocialEngine built-in activity feed stream will decide whether the feed should be displayed and/or who can see the feed based on
1) The selected "Privacy (View) Settings" of the item/record/subject
2) Admin selected "Feed Content" option (All Members | My Friends & networks | My Friends) in "Admin :: Settings :: Activity Feed Settings" page
3) Admin checked "Display" checkboxes in "Admin :: Settings :: Activity Feed Settings :: Activity Feed Item Type Settings" page

---- IMPORTANT: If you have other extra plugin which modify the way SE built-in Activity Feed work, then you may have to consult that developer.
How can I filter videos with specific language such as "French" using Video Feed plugin?
The YouTube API does not really have that kind of setting to filter by language = "french" so can't really just filter by that. However, you can try to do these, for example "french" video

1) Pre-Filter Setting (screenshot)
enter keyword = french
country restriction = french

2) For "List Query Video Feed" widgets, set parameters (screenshot)
enter keyword = french
country restriction = french

3) For "Standard Video Feed" widgets, set parameters (screenshot)
region = french

Like stated above, this is not a foolproof method (as there really no way to tell YouTube that you want videos in XYZ language), but it could help
How can I modify the CSS of an element / block on XYZ plugin?
Usually, the CSS of a plugin is located in:

You can use FireFox browser, and install "FireFug" addon. Once installed, use its "element inspection" tool to inspect the element that you want to change its css. It should show you its HTML source code, as well as the CSS that applied to it. Now, you can look for that class in css file and modify it anyway you want. See screenshot here
Why the "Add SEO Page Wizard" does not correctly parse the URL to get the MODULE-CONTROLLER-ACTION routing combo?
The wizard can only auto-detect and parse pre-defined routes (urls). Some plugins may define routes or hacking pre-defined routes at code-base level to take over the standard default routes (majority of plugins that addon/improve existing SE official plugins do this), hence the wizard would not be able to know about these "overrided" routes. What you can do is manually look for the MODULE-CONTROLLER-ACTION routing combo by following these steps:

1) View the page on your browser
2) Use "View Page Source" to view the source code of the page
3) Locate and find the "body" tag, which would have this pattern:
<body id="global_page_MODULE-CONTROLLER-ACTION">
4) For example:
<body id="global_page_sitealbum-album-view">
mean, you have
MODULE = sitealbum
ACTION = view
Can I use SEO plugin to modify site urls?
No, the SEO plugin cannot modify / hack URLs (routes) of other plugins.

Routes of XYZ plugin are usually defined in its manifest.php file

look for section "routes" (usually located at the end of file)

Modifying routes is consider hacking, and your modification may or may NOT work, sometimes may create problem.
So basically, make sure you make back up, and know what you are doing. It's best to check with the plugin developer if you want to modify any routes (urls)

Example for the "group" plugin, its routes are:

'route' => 'groups/:controller/:action/*',
'route' => 'groups/:action/*',
'route' => 'groups/:action/:group_id/*',
'route' => 'group/:id/*',

... so instead of using the word "group" in the url, you can change to "circle"

'route' => 'circles/:controller/:action/*',
'route' => 'circles/:action/*',
'route' => 'circles/:action/:group_id/*',
'route' => 'circle/:id/*',


Now, let say you want to have the "group category" and/or "group title" in the group profile url (which does not do that right now, it only have ID)
You cannot just simply randomly add stuff into the route
'route' => 'circle/:id/*',
as it would not work, and most likely would BREAK the plugin. Beside modifying the route, you may also have to adjust the code at any other places which use that routes at well. Sometimes, you only need to modify the getHref function of the class, sometimes it would super time-consuming and requires you to edit many many different templates / places.
Why ePayment does not get registered / notified after member has made their payment?
Things you can check

1) make sure your site is LIVE / PUBLICLY accessible by anyone (not password-protected, or under maintenance mode - require unlock code)!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT

2) Check your Admin :: Stats :: Log Browser, select "epayment-paypal-ipn" file, and view it, see if PayPal send your site any data?

3) Check your PayPal account to see its transaction status (it is "Completed") as well as its IPN history (located under "My Account :: History :: IPN History")
NOTE: the "IPN" setting should be OFF (dynamic, on-demand), instead of ON (static). Turnning it ON will force PayPal to send IPN data to URL specified in that setting, which is INCORRECT.
What can I do to get around Google Map API "OVER_QUERY_LIMIT" issue?
First, please read "Usage Limits" on Google website at

According to Google, the current limit is 2500 request / day (it could be different now). If your site is on your own server (VPS / Dedicated) with your own IP address, then we know for sure what you can use the MAX limit that Google permit. However, if your site is on shared-hosting server, this "request limit" would be SHARED across all websites that on that same server (IP).

So let say there are 10 other sites which are hosted on the same server as your, and each uses 240 requests / day .. then you would have only 10 request / day left to use ( = 2500 - 10 * 240)

The thing is we do NOT know how many sites and/or request that other sites may use. We just know it would be less than the MAX for sure, and it could be very little if a lot of sites use or abuse the service

Radcodes has built-in caching feature to minimize the number of requests that sent to Google, so that when user try to enter the same location again, it would not make request to Google, thus save you resource and not used up the request limit. Let say visitors search for "Los Angles, CA" ten (10) ten times, then it would only make 1 request to Google with caching enable, instead of 10 requests.

Nevertheless, if other sites abuse the server, and Google ban / temporary block site IP, then nothing can help you.

99.9% people would not have this problem, if you are the unfortunate one, try to do the following

a) make sure your site is on PRODUCTION mode (not Development mode)
b) Radcodes Settings :: Map - Caching Enable = YES

Wait for a day or so, if you still getting the LIMIT problem, it is very likely that someone else (who on the same shared server as you) may abuse Google .. Try to contact your hosting tech support and see whether they can move your site to another server with different IP address
What is the privacy setting for the "Profile (Integration) Folders" widget on XZY (ex: Group) plugin as a tab?
The permission of viewing the "Folders" tab (on the group / event etc.. page) is the same as permission of other tabs in that group. So if a visitor has permission to view that group, he should be able to see the content (ie: folders) listed under the "Folders" tab as well.

However, the permission of the actual "folder / file" itself does NOT take into consideration of its parent (group / event etc..) privacy setting. The "folder / file" use and has its own privacy settings which is configurable on the Create/Edit Folder form.

Noting that the Folder plugin is a stand-alone plugin, the integration feature with other plugins is an extra feature that must try to work with as many other plugins as possible, however each plugins may have their own way of dealing with privacy settings (which outside control of us) and there is no "universal" permission check in SE that just work with any type of records. Hence folder's privacy permission cannot rely to its parent's privacy permission.
How can I config the type of videos that Video Feed plugin displays?
You can config type of video feeds by doing these 2 things

Video Feed plugin are automatic feed / content generation plugin.
It is NOT meant to be manually "adding / deleting individual videos" (as you can already do that by using SE Video plugin)

1) Admin :: Plugins :: Video Feed
click on "Pre-Filter" tabs, these settings will control and apply filter to video on the "Browse Video Feeds" page

2) Admin :: Layout :: Layout Editor
select "Video Feed Home Page", then click "edit" link on each widgets to config widget's filtering parameters.
How does SEO Page meta tags work on top of SE default meta tags output?
By default, this is how SE generate page's meta tag (title, description, keywords)

1) The Title, Description, Keyword that you defined in the Admin :: Settings :: Global Settings page is the MASTER | Global title, description, keyword.
Let say you have Global Title = "Social Works"

2) This "Global Title/Description/Keyword Settings" will append (or prepend) on page's title/description/keyword
Let say you have a page with title as "Browse Locations"

--- By default, you will end up with "Social Works - Browse Locations"

3) Now, via Layout Editor, (only) certain pages are in there, and allow you to the page's info (ie page title, description, keyword)
Let say you change that page title to "Browse Places" ..
then you will end up with "Social Works - Browse Places"

The same with meta description tag .... thus apply the logic above, you will end up with
==> [Global Description] [Page Description]

*** Hence remove (blank out) the "Global Description", and you will end up with only "Page Description" part, or vice versa.

4) SE also append the subject/record title (such as Group/Event name etc..) to the title tag as well. So you may end up with this structure
[Global Title] - [Page Title] - [Subject Title]

Thus, if that page is editable via Layout Editor, by remove (blank out) the [Page Title] part, you will end up with
[Global Title] - [Subject Title]

Example: with title display as
Social Works - Group Profile - Super Club

will change to
Social Works - Super Club


The main issue with this is

NOT ALL PAGES are editable via Layout Editor (only certain page)
Layout Editor does NOT have feature for you to display subject title/description/keyword *dynamically* (for supported pages, such as Group/Event/Member profile pages etc..)
Let say you want this format [Page Title] | [Global Title] ... or you just want [Page Title] only for "certain" pages
How about you want to something like "View {GROUP NAME}'s Group" where "{GROUP NAME}" would be dynamically changed based on the group page being displayed

Now, this is where SEO/Sitemap plugin SEO PAGE feature will fill the gap.

Basically, it allows you to take over the *default* SE page meta output for only page(s) that you want to customize it.

Once you add the page url as an SEO Page, if you fill in the title / description / keyword, then it will use that setting.
Of course, if you leave any of these fields blank, then the *SE default output* (which I explain above in 1,2) will take place.
Some members get error when upload photo, or submit a post with photo attached, while others do not. What could be the cause?
It is very likely that those members have reach the "Storage Quota". If you look into the error log, you will see something like below:

exception 'Engine_Exception' with message 'File creation failed. You may be over your upload limit. Try uploading a smaller file, or delete some files to free up space. ' in /home/publicwo/public_html/newpwa/application/modules/Storage/Model/DbTable/Files.php:123

To fix it, simply go to your Admin :: Manage:: Member Levels page
For EACH member level, look at the "Storage Quote" setting, and increase it... Try to go with at least 50MB (recommend go with 100MB or more if you can) Of course, adjust it based on your server storage, as well as expected average usage of all your members (as some may only use 1MB, while other may use 200 MB)
The title is truncated in the URL, what can I do to work-around this?
SE's built-in getSlug function cap the title string to 32 characters

You can hack the SE core library to overwrite the 32 limit,

edit file

around line 247, you will see

if( strlen($str) > 32 ) {
$str = Engine_String::substr($str, 0, 32) . '...';

change the number 32 to whatever you like
How can I change the Profile Social Shares widget?
That widget is just provide a sample social sharing code (from AddThis).
AddThis control its style and formatting, the plugin does not really handle it.

If the current code does not work well on your site, and you prefer other services / styling, you can simply edit its template, and put in whatever code that you want


There are other services that you can use beside AddThis


Just grab the code, and put it wherever you want.
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of XXXXX bytes exhausted (tried to allocate YYYY bytes)
You see this error because your server's PHP allowed memory limit is set to too low, you need to increase its memory limit.

You can view this value by going to Admin :: Stats :: Server Information page.
memory_limit = ##M

Note that the more data / records your site has to pull / display, the more memory PHP may be need.

All you need to do is increase that memory_limit in your server php.ini setting, try with 50% increase first, and see how it goes. Our recommendation is at least 128M if your server permit.

Contact your hosting tech support if you don't know how to do it.

Note that this issue is not caused by any particular plugins. It is just lack of resource (ie. PHP allowed memory limit usage that set on your server)

Let say (just an example and for sake of simplicity), on a blog browse page, PHP use 1MB to pull out and display 1 blog post, and your server only allow 64MB. If you set the browse blog page to display 100 blog post, it would require 100MB, hence not enough to handle it, you will get that error! However, if you set to only display 50 blog post, it only need 50MB, thus no error.
How do I add Open Graph meta tags to SEO Page?
You can put in the below code in "Additional Headers" textarea
<meta property="og:title" content="%subject_title%" />
<meta property="og:description" content="%subject_description%" />
<meta property="og:image" content="%subject_photo%" />
<meta property="og:url" content="http://your-domain.com%subject_url%" />

Change %subject_***% tags to actual text for general / browse pages which do not have subject associated with them.
What can I do to minimize Duplicate Content warning using SEO plugin?
Learn about "canonical" and make use of it.

You can put in the below code in "Additional Headers" textarea
<link rel="canonical" href="http://yoursite.com/unique-page-url" />

or for page with subject, you can do
<link rel="canonical" href="http://yoursite.com%subject_url%" />
How can I add sitemap.xml to my robots.txt?
It should look something similar like this:

--------- start robots.txt -----------
User-agent: *
Disallow: /application/
Disallow: /development/
Disallow: /externals/
Disallow: /temporary/

---------- end copy ------

Replace FULL-URL-TO-YOUR-SITEMAP-XML with your actual sitemap.xml url

For example:
Sitemap: http://se4.radcodes.net/public/seo/sitemap.xml
How can I fix "Activity Item Not Found" error in Post plugin?
The problem was that the "Wall" plugin also use the same URL "posts" (I have no idea why they would do this - this is not SE standard)
as the "Post" plugin ("posts")

Anyway, you can just edit the Wall plugin manifest file


'route' => '/posts/:id/:object/*',

'route' => '/wall-posts/:id/:object/*',
How can I fix the "blank white page" error while importing games?
Go to Admin :: Performance & Caching page, then turn off the "HTML Compression", and try to import games again.
Once you are done, you can turn back the "HTML Compression" if you want to.
How do I translate Bible verse?
There are more than 30 thousand verses, so I don't think you want to translate the entire bible.

Anyway, you can translate each verse by doing this

1) Admin :: Plugins :: Bible, go to "Manage Books" tab
2) Click on the "xxx chapters" link next to the book, it should show you the book's chapters
3) Click on the book's chapter that you want, it should show you the chapter's verses
4) Click on "edit" link of the verse you want to translate, a popup should appear with a form
5) It should give you the "Language Phrase", example "BIBLE_VERSE_GENESIS_1_14" (this is book = Genesis, chapter = 1, verse = 14)

Once you have the "Language Phrase" code, go to Admin :: Layout :: Language Manager, then go to "edit phrases" of the language package you want
click "Add New Phrase", and paste in the "Language Phrase" you got (ex: BIBLE_VERSE_GENESIS_1_14)
After you added it, search for that phrase, and put in your actual translation text
Why I don't see any links when browsing links categories?
There are different statuses for a link:
- Popular
- Upcoming

A link when submitted will have "Upcoming" status, when it reach enough required votes (set in Member Level) it will change to "Popular" status.

The "Popular" tab will display links with "popular" status, and "Upcoming" tab will display links with "upcoming" status.
By default, clicking on categories will be sent to "Popular" tab, and if your site does not have any "popular" links, there will be no links shown.

If your site barely get any votes, most likely links will be stuck in "upcoming" status, and hardly reach "popular" status. Hence you can force link to become popular by adjusting the required votes to minimum (ex: set = 1), and set auto-voted by submitter to yes in Member Level setting.. This will make the submitted link get 1 vote (auto voted by owner) right after submission, and push it become "popular" right away, if you want to.

The "Categories" widget has option which allow you to link to "Upcoming" tab, instead of "Popular" tab, just click on "edit" widget, and change the setting.

There are also a "pre-filter" default setting for the "Time Period" as well in admin Global Settings.
If currently, it is set to 30 days ... so if there are no links made to becoming "popular" within last 30 days, it will show no links.
You can adjust these settings in admin:
Can you provide me a quick guide for RSS Feed plugin usage?
There are 3 main parts of the plugin

1) Generate RSS Feeds from content of your site, so that others can use their feed readers to read your site feed url(s), which you can see in this page:

It list all supported built-in channels for your site

==> nothing really need to do here, unless, you want to add-on new channels for non-supported plugins as a paid customization jobs

2) It allows your site to act as a RSS Feed directory, where your member(s) can submit feed url(s)

==> click on "Post New Feed" to submit new feed

3) Built-in "RSS Feed Reader" widget. This widget allow your site to display an rss feed content
It can be access via "Admin :: Layout :: Layout Editor"

let say you want to display CNN Money rss feed items on your site..
just drag and drop that plugin onto the page ( "Admin :: Layout :: Layout Editor") you want it to show up ..
then click "edit" widget, and fill out the form .. Save the widget, then save the page.

==> this is just SE standard procedure.
Does RSS Feed plugin has built-in support for 3rd party plugins?
No, RSS Feed plugin only have built-in support for SE official and Radcodes plugins. You can see full list of built-in support plugin's channel on RSS Feed product page. There are hundred of 3rd party plugins out there, each has their own implementation and structure, thus there is really no standard way just to magically make RSS Feed plugin works for universally with all existing plugins out there. Besides, Radcodes does not have access to any other 3rd party developer source code to review, test, perform any integration, and support guarantee. Therefore, to add new channel for 3rd party plugin to RSS Feed, a paid customization would be required. You would either contact us or the 3rd party plugin developer to do analysis, and provide cost estimate for the development (if integration is possible). Also, Radcodes does not provide any guarantee that RSS Feed would work with any or all 3rd party plugin.