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SocialEngine Badge / Award / Special Members Plugin

$40 / license

Current Version:
v4.10.0 for SEv4
v3.0.2 for SEv3

The Badge plugin allows members to be assigned 'badges' which can be displayed as a series of iconic images. These badges can be manually assigned to each members, or automatically assigned to members who met badge's requirements that specified / customized by the admin.

Sample Use-Cases

Auto-Assigning Badge (Member Mapping)

  • Administrator can config a badge so that it would requires members with Paid Membership Level, who have been a member for at least 2 months, and last logged in within a week, and have Business Profile type to have "[PREMIUM ACTIVE BUSINESS]" badge show up on their profiles.
  • You can also create a badge which list members who have the most "profile page views" with minimum of 100 views in total, belong to "Europe" and "United States" networks, and must sent out 10 invites with profile photo uploaded. So any members who meet requirements listed would have this "[HOT MEMBER PROFILE]" (just a sample name) badge.
  • Another simplest usage case would be to assign each badge to corresponding member level (or profile type), so that Administrators would have "[ADMINISTRATOR]" badge; Moderators would have "[MODERATOR]" badge; and "Regular" members would have "[MEMBER]" badge, and so on etc..

Manual-Assigning Badge (Award)

  • You can create a special badge for contributors, let's name it "[DONORS]" badge, and manually give it to members who donated to your site.
  • Depending on your needs, you may even create a "[MEMBER OF THE YEAR]" badge, and give it to your best member whom you think deserve it.
  • Basically, you can create an "Award" type of badge, and assign to any member(s) to recognize them, or simply for a elite group/team of members such as "[V.I.P]"

Members can also make request to have certain badges. Request can be reject / approve by administrator, and can be turn on/off anytime, or just for members who meet badge's requirement. Administrator can also put message notes to requester why such request was rejected etc..

Key Features

  • Badge Landing Home Page can be controlled / manage via Admin :: Layout Editor
  • Support 2 members assignment mode
  • Ability to include / exclude members from the member-list
  • Many built-in requirements/filters to build a wide range of conditions to give badge to different set of members
  • Various of sorting members in badge profile member browse page
  • Award can be given to member
  • Awarded badge can have expiration date
  • Full detail award view page with WYSIWYG editor, comment-able etc..
  • Member can made request with approval from admin
  • Badge / Award can be manually sorted in whatever order you like
  • Built-in widgets with different settings that let you control different result / display mode.

Supported Badge's Membership Requirements Check:

You can use any combination of filters below to build condition for member to have certain badges

  • Profile photo upload
  • Minimum profile view count
  • Minimum invites used
  • Minimum Account/Signup days
  • Last member login days
  • Member Levels
  • Profile Types
  • Member Networks
  • Forum Moderator (require official SE Forum plugin)


  • Categories (settings: photo, details, description)
  • Featured Award/Member (randomized)
  • List Awards (settings: limit # awards, badge, user, featured, photo, details, display wide/narrow mode)
  • List Badges (settings: limit # badges, category, assignment type, sorting, photo, details, display wide/narrow mode)
  • Top Menu
  • Search Form
  • Member Profile Badges (settings: limit # badges, toggle badge title )
  • Member Profile Awards (settings: limit # awards, toggle title/description/meta info, optional link to badge profile page)


For demonstration purposes, we have turned off some options / features on purpose to prevent abuse. Some features may require you to log in or special permissions, please feel free to create an account for full test-drive experience.


Below are screenshots in admin control panel. For user front-end screenshot, please check out the live demo section above.