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SocialEngine Bible Online Books / Verses / Scripture Plugin

$50 / license

Current Version:
v4.10.0 for SEv4

This plugin puts an entire bible on your site, allows your members to read / search for bible books, verses, and scriptures. It is an amazing and helpful plugin especially for Christianity community sites. With a powerful search tool, along with smart find verses system, your members can easily find books, and verses that they are interested in reading.

Key Features

  • Come preloaded with King James Version (KJV) bible version (public domain)
  • The entire bible data is store on your database, does not rely on any 3rd party services
  • Ability to comment on any books, or verses to engage your members in deep discussion about the bible
  • Powerful search, and navigation system help your members find exactly what they want
  • Public facing pages are managable via Admin :: Layout Editor
  • Many built-in widgets with a lot of settings/options
  • Ability to edit book title, and verse text
  • Book index lists all bible books and their chapters
  • Each book is broken into chapters, and navigate quickly between chapters
  • Each verse has its own profile page
  • Browse verses page support search and sort filtering


Below are built-in post widgets with a lot of configuration options / settings allowing you to customize pages via Layout Editor anyway you like. Click here to see list of widgets in admin

  • Bible Index: Displays a link to bible index books page
  • Breadcrumb: Displays breadcrumb navigation path for bible pages
  • Find Verse: Displays find verse form (book, chapter, verse)
  • List Books: Displays a list of books
  • List Chapters: Displays drop-down chapters of a bible book
  • List Verses: Displays verses in bible books
  • Random Verse: Displays a random verse in big format.
  • Search Form: Displays search bible keyword form.
  • Social Shares: Displays social shares widget using AddThis service.
  • Testaments: Displays books breakdown into 2 testaments columns format


Global Settings / Manage Bible

  • Browse book index with chapters
  • Ability to edit book title, slug (part of url)
  • List book chapter's verses
  • Ability to edit verse text
  • Optional title translation or display as-is
  • Optional verse text translation (default in English)

Member Level Settings

  • Granularity and detailed permission control
  • Permission to view
  • Permission to comment


For demonstration purposes, we have turned off some options / features on purpose to prevent abuse. We strongly recommend you to create a test account on our demo site to have full test-drive experience.


Below are sample screenshots for plugin's front-end and admin control panel.



Important Notes: We only have King James Version (KJV) bible database, which is one of the most popular, well-known bible version, and it is in public domain. Unlike other copyrighted bible versions/translation, you do not permission to use KJV on your site. Since the Bible is considered a sacred book, we purposely do NOT allow you to add/remove any books/verses to keep the bible structure to its true original (ie: book number, chapters, verses etc..)