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SocialEngine Business Directory Plugin

$100 / license

Current Version:
v4.10.0 for SEv4
v3.1.1 for SEv3

This plugin allows you to run a social / local review directory for businesses. With support for multiple business profile types, you can run a wide range of directories such as restaurants, services, places, bands, or whatever types that fit your site content. The plugin is packed with plenty of powerful features, easy to customize via built-in widgets, custom fields/questions, and come with many built-in addons to serve your needs. Plus, you can optionally charge your members for submitting their businesses and earn some real cash!

Key Features

  • Almost ALL of public-facing pages are widgetized, and managable via Layout Editor:
  • Full pack of built-in widgets (58+) with many pre-filter parameters and options so that you can decide where / how things should be shown.
  • Support multple business profile types, each can have their own set of custom fields / questions.
  • Multi-category, and sub-categories (2nd level) with profile types mapping capability.
  • Ability to charge your members to post businesses via package management with different cost, duration, features, and permissions.
  • Proximity local search with Google map integrated on widgets, browse, view pages etc..
  • Members can review business, give star ratings, make recommendation, and voting feedback on review itself
  • Badges and awards can be given to worthy businesses
  • Members can save their favorited businesses to their own built-in business bookmark list with label and personal notes.
  • Certain businesses can be claimed by your members, which notification, and admin approval process.
  • Built-in photo album upload for business
  • Three special icons (Hot / Featured / Sponsored) can be assigned to businesses, and be displayed in nicely formatted slideshow, ticker-news, and slider list.
  • Detailed settings, and member level with many permission controls on global, and built-in addons
  • Tagging / popular tag cloud, and auto generated geo location directory.
  • Powerful search / filtering / sorting system to show only what user want to see
  • Business can have officers with custom title, and can be given permission manage/edit business
  • Support custom personalized business profile url (vanity name)
  • Business can post announcement (ie: promo/coupon) and status updates
  • Rich Text / HTML Editor for business overview tab
  • Contact Us form allow visitor to send message directly to business owner whom will receive it via email
  • many more ..

Built-in Addons

Review / Rating

  • Members can write full review, and rate businesses with optional pros / cons details.
  • Member can update existing past reviews with new review / rating to reflex the most recent experience. These reviews will be automatically grouped in chronoligical order, and business rating will be auto recalculated.
  • Notification to business owner when a new review is posted.
  • Activity feed stream post for new review.
  • Global reviews browsing with filtering supported.
  • Review can be voted for its usefulness, funny, or cool.
  • Reviews can be commented / liked
  • Statistic / break-down for rating distribution
  • Recommendations can be given to businesses
  • Admin can manage reviews, set global / member level settings.

Badge / Award

  • Admin can create unlimited badges
  • Badges can be given to businesses as awards with custom title, and description
  • Badge icons are displayed next to awarded busineses to make them more standout.
  • Browse badge and award listing pages

Bookmark / Favorite

  • Members can bookmark their favorited businesses
  • Built-in labels to categorize bookmarks (To Review, To Try etc..)
  • Notes can be attached when bookmarking
  • Bookmarks can be search, update, and delete
  • Admin can manage bookmarks, set global / member level settings.


  • Members can submit claim for businesses that they own.
  • Email notification to admin when new claim is made.
  • Admin can process claims with different status, and note to claimer.
  • Notification to members when their claims are processed
  • Members and Admin can browse / search submitted claims


Below are built-in business widgets with a lot of configuration options / settings allowing you to customize the business pages via Layout Editor anyway you like. Click here to see list of widgets in admin

Business General Widgets

You can use these widgets and drop on SE managable pages via Layout Editor such as Home Page. All built-in Business Landing / Browse / Reviews / Badges / Photos / Manage / Tags etc .. pages are built using these widgets.

  • List Businesses: Displays a list of posted businesses with different filtering options (can be used to build variety of business listings such as Recent Businesses, Most Commented by XYZ user with specified category etc..)
    • Title Header
    • Max Business Entry (control number of businesses to be displayed)
    • Sorting (varieties of ordering, such as rating, recent, alphabet, most voted/commented/viewed etc..)
    • Time Period (limit businesses submitted within defined period, such as 24 hours, weekly, monthly etc..)
    • User (limit businesses created by specific user)
    • Keywords (limit businesses match certain keywords)
    • Location / Distance (force businesses within inputted proximity area)
    • Category (show only businesses belong to selected category)
    • Featured (only show featured businesses)
    • Sponsored (only show sponsored businesses)
    • Hot (only show hot businesses)
    • Display Style (wide mode for main column, narrow mode for left/right side columns)
    • Display Output (control what to show: photo, details, meta, description, rating etc..)
  • List Featured Businesses: Displays slideshow of featured businesses with different filtering options (wide mode)
    • Support many settings / parameters similar to List Businesses widget above
  • List Hot Businesses: Displays showcase of hot businesses with different filtering options (wide mode)
    • Support many settings / parameters similar to List Businesses widget above
  • List Sponsored Businesses: Displays ticker-news of sponsored businesses with different filtering options (side bar)
    • Support many settings / parameters similar to List Businesses widget above
  • List Badge Awards: Displays a list of recently badge awards
  • List Badges: Displays a list of business badges (support wide/narrow column).
  • List Reviews: Displays a list of business reviews with different filtering options (support wide/narrow column)
  • List Categories: Displays a list of business categories (support narrow / wide mode).
  • List Packages: Displays available business packages with full details such as title, terms, features, descriptions etc..
  • Menu Top Main Nav: Displays a business main menu navigation (Browse Businesses, Reviews, My Businesses, Submit New Business).
  • Menu Gutter Manage Nav: Displays manage gutter menu navigation (such as My Bookmarks, My Reviews, My Claims)
  • Map Businesses: Displays a map of posted businesses with different filtering options (can be used to build variety of business listings such as Recent Businesses, Most Commented by XYZ user with specified category etc..)
  • Link Browse Packages: Displays a quick navigation link to "Business Posting Packages" landing page
  • Link Submit Business: Displays a quick navigation link to post new business
  • Popular Locations: Displays business popular locations (listing / drill-down mode)
  • Popular Tags: Displays business popular tags (different sorting options)
  • Search Alphabet: Displays search alphabet listing characters.
  • Search Bookmarks: Displays search business bookmarks form on manage bookmarks page.
  • Search Claims: Displays search business claims form on manage claims page.
  • Search Businesses: Displays search businesses form.
  • Search What+Where: Displays search businesses form simple format / big box (What | Where) on business home page.
  • Search Reviews: Displays search business reviews form.
  • Top Reviewers: Displays list of top business's reviewers
  • Top Submitters: Displays list of top business's submitters

Business Profile Widgets

Below are built-in business widgets which let you build Business Profile Page (similar to Member Profile page) via Layout Editor

  • Profile - Announcement: Displays a business's announcement on its profile.
  • Profile - Breadcrumb: Displays a business's breadcrumb on its profile.
  • Profile - Comments: Displays a business's comments on its profile.
  • Profile - Description: Displays a business's short description
  • Profile - Details: Displays a business's details (customized question/field data) on its profile.
  • Profile - Icon Featured: Displays a icon for featured business on its profile (text or icon mode).
  • Profile - Icon Hot: Displays a icon for hot business on its profile (text or icon mode.
  • Profile - Icon Package: Displays business package's icon on its profile (text or icon mode.
  • Profile - Icon Sponsored: Displays a icon for sponsored business on its profile (text or icon mode.
  • Profile - Info: Displays a business's info (category, tag, owner, officers..) on its profile.
  • Profile - Location: Displays a business's location and google map.
  • Profile - Main: Displays a business's main content (rating, address, contact info, badge, icons etc..) on its profile page.
  • Profile - Notice: Displays a business's system notice such as approval status, expiration, preview message etc..
  • Profile - Options: Displays a business's options / gutter menu (View Submitter Businesses | Create | Edit | Delete | Contact | Claim etc..) on its profile.
  • Profile - Overview: Displays a business's full overview rich content on its profile.
  • Profile - Photo: Displays a business's main photo.
  • Profile - Photos: Displays a business's album photos on its profile.
  • Profile - Rating: Displays a business's rating stars and average on its profile.
  • Profile - Rating Distribution: Displays a business's rating stars and average on its profile.
  • Profile - Related Businesses: Displays a business's related businesses (by tags) on its profile.
  • Profile - Reviews: Displays a business's reviews on its profile, 1st to review, average, other stats.
  • Profile - Social Shares: Displays a business's social shares such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg using AddThis service on its profile.
  • Profile - Stats: Displays a business's stats (date, various of view, comment, like, review, recommend counts) on its profile.
  • Profile - Submitter: Displays a business's submitter on its profile (photo, name, total count)
  • Profile - Title: Displays a business's title on its profile.
  • Profile - Tools: Displays a business's tools (Share | Report) on its profile.
  • Profile - Write Review: Displays "Write a Review" button on business and/or review profile.

Page Specific Widgets

These widgets are used on certain specific business pages such as badge view page, business manage/edit pages, review profile/view pages etc..

  • Badge Profile - Desription: Displays a business badge short description
  • Badge Profile - Photo: Displays a business badge main photo.
  • Manage/Edit Business - Info: Displays business info block on its editing pages
  • Manage/Edit Business - Gutter Menu: Displays business edit menu navigation links on its editing pages
  • Review Profile - Options: Displays review's options (gutter navigation menu) on its page
  • Review Profile - Reviewer: Displays review's reviewer info on its page

Integration Widgets

  • Member Profile Businesses: Displays a member's businesses on their profile. It also supports displaying businesses that are created by specific page/subject owner, example: when use this widget on Group Profile page, and config User=OWNER mode, it would shows businesses created by the group's owner. If you set User=VIEWER mode, then the widget will displays businesses created by current logged in member.
    • Support many settings / parameters similar to List Businesses widget above
    • Two user's filtering mode: OWNER (business's created by owner of the current viewing page) and VIEWER (business's created by the current active logged in member)


Manage Businesses

  • Easy to browse submitted businesses using search / filter form
  • Mark businesses as featured / sponsored / hot (icons)
  • Ability to change business's subscribed package, and optional override default package settings
  • Ability to update business's approval status with custom date
  • Ability to change / set manual expiration date / never-expired for businesses
  • Ability to change / transfer business ownership to another member
  • Mass delete businesses

Global Settings

  • Support pre-ordering (ie, can force sponsored / featured businesses to be on top of listing result)
  • Define number of businesses to show on browse page
  • Ability to set default distant unit for proximity search (mile, km)
  • Set default business profile type
  • Can control whether to include the custom fields on business submitting form

Member Level Settings

  • Granularity and detailed permission control
  • Permission to view: no, yes and for owner only, all businesses
  • Permission to create: no, yes
  • Permission to edit: no, owner only, all businesses
  • Permission to delete: no, owner only, all businesses
  • Permission to comment: no, owner only, all businesses
  • Privacy options for viewing, commenting, photo uploading, manage/edit businesses
  • Ability to limit number of businesses a member can post

Profile Types & Customizable Fields/Questions

  • Ability to have multiple profile types (ex: restaurant, entertainment, medical, band etc..)
  • Allow to add additional fields/questions to business submission form
  • Control customized fields to be searchable, displayable.

Manage Categories

  • Ability to map / define business profile type for main categories (ie: Restaurants category => Restaurant profile type)
  • Support sub-categories (2nd level)
  • Category can have description
  • Photo / Icon upload supported
  • Ability to move category as well as ordering them
  • Edit / Delete categories

Manage Packages

  • Ability to define various of posting packages
  • FREE or charge $$$ per post
  • Define different listing durations (ie: expires after XYZ days/weeks/months/year or never expires)
  • Mark business as featured and/or sponsored
  • Allow / disable renewing of current package
  • Allow / disable upgrading to other packages
  • Ability to give badge photo to businesses listed for particular package (controlable via widget on Business Profile Page)
  • Full details business package view page with HTML editor in admin
  • Auto / Manual process payment for admin approval
  • Set / give permission access to extra tools / features
    • Personalize Profile URL
    • Business Overview
    • Post Announcement
    • Location Map
    • Contact Form
    • Custom Profile Style
  • Give / assign default icons: featured / sponsored / hot

Manage Payments

  • Search and browse business's payments
  • Can add manual payment (such as transactions handled outside system like cash, check)
  • Process / edit / delete payments


  • Reviews
    • Manage / search / edit / delete reviews
    • Set number of reviews to show per page
    • Turn on/off Pros field when posting review
    • Turn on/off Cons field when posting review
    • Set member level permissions to create / edit / delete review
  • Badges
    • Manage / edit / delete badges with photo, description
    • Give badge as an award to business with custom title, description
    • Browse / search / edit / delete awards
  • Claims
    • Browse / search for submitted claims
    • Process claims with different status and response notes
    • Set number of claims to show per page
    • Ability to define owners of businesses that are claimable
    • Set member level permissions to create / edit / delete claim
  • Bookmarks
    • Browse / search for bookmarked businesses
    • Set number of bookmarks to show per page
    • Set default bookmark label
    • Set member level permissions to create / edit / delete bookmark


For demonstration purposes, we have turned off some options / features on purpose to prevent abuse. We strongly recommend you to create a test account on our demo site to have full test-drive experience.


Below are sample screenshots for plugin's front-end and admin control panel.