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SocialEngine Game Arcade Plugin

$80 / license

Current Version:
v4.10.0 for SEv4
v3.0.4 for SEv3

Note: MochiMedia was dissolved as of March 31, 2014, thus its services would no longer work. All features related to MochiMedia has been disabled / removed from the plugin as of March 31, 2014.

This plugin allows your members to play arcade game on your site. You can easily import thousands of games from Kongregate. Your members would get addicted to these games, and keep coming back to your site, thus gain page views and increase ads impression!

Key Features

  • Many pages are widgetized, and managable via Layout Editor:
  • Ability to import ton of games from Kongregate (admin)
  • Members can save games as Favorite
  • Admin can mark games as Featured and/or Sponsored
  • Support sub-categories (2nd level)
  • Allow your members to submit new game (with optional admin approval setting)
  • Different game publishing status: published, pending, disabled.
  • Ability to download games / photos from distributors and host them on your site
  • Powerful backend system for managing / searching games
  • Mass update actions allow you to quickly download/remove files, delete games, and change their statuses etc..
  • Customizable fields / questions for games
  • many more …


Below are built-in game widgets with a lot of configuration options / settings allowing you to customize the game pages via Layout Editor anyway you like.

General Public Widgets

You can use these widgets and drop on SE managable pages via Layout Editor such as Home Page. All built-in Game Landing / Browse / Favorites / Manage / Tags pages are built using these widgets.

  • List Games: this is a generic game listings widget, which can be used for different purposes depending on the setting paramerters that you set (such as Recent Games, Most Viewed/Commented/Liked for games for X periods that has Y category created by Z member having J keywords etc..) (admin)
    • Title Header
    • Max Game Entry (control number of games to be displayed)
    • Sorting (varieties of ordering, such as date posted, alphabet, most favorited/commented/viewed/clicked, randomized etc..)
    • Time Period (limit games submitted within defined period, such as 24 hours, weekly, monthly etc..)
    • User (limit games created by specific user)
    • Keywords (limit games match certain keywords)
    • Category (show only games belong to selected category)
    • Distributor Type (only display games belong to certain distributor, such as Kongregate)
    • Content Rating (limit games with certain rating: Everyone, Teen, or Mature)
    • Featured (only show featured games)
    • Sponsored (only show sponsored games)
    • Display Style (wide mode for main column, narrow mode for left/right side columns)
    • Display Output (control what to show: photo, details, meta, description)
    • Show Empty Result (for to display "game not found" message when no games are matched with filters)
  • Featured Games: display featured games in slideshow format (admin)
    • Support many settings / parameters similar to List Games widget above
  • Sponsored Games: display sponsored games in news ticker scrolling format (admin)
    • Support many settings / parameters similar to List Games widget above
  • Categories: display game's categories (admin)
    • Title Header
    • Display Style (wide mode for main column, narrow mode for left/right side columns)
    • Display Output (control what to show: photo, description)
  • Create New: display "Submit New Game" button link
  • Main Menu Navigation: (Browse Games | Favorite Games | Manage Games | Submit New Game)
  • Popular Tags: display popular tag cloud (admin)
    • Limit number of tags
    • Sort tag by total count, or name
    • Optional display link to Game's Popular Tags page
  • Search Form: display form to search for games

Profile Game Widgets

Below are built-in game widgets which let you build Game Profile Page (admin) via Layout Editor

  • Game Breadcrumb: display navigation path to the game in breadcrumb style (Games >> Browse Games >> Game Category)
  • Game Comments: display built-in SocialEngine commenting system
  • Game Description: displays a game's description
  • Game Details: displays a game's details (customized question/field data)
  • Game Favorite: Displays a game's favorite button (Add to Favorites)
  • Game Flash Player: Displays a game's flash player (game play area)
    • Can define maximum game width to fit with your layout format
  • Game Icon Featured: displays a icon for featured game
    • Optional icon label text
    • Optional icon photo
  • Game Icon Sponsored: displays a icon for sponsored game
    • Optional icon label text
    • Optional icon photo
  • Game Info: displays a game's info (such as photo, description, instructions, controls, tags, custom field data…
  • Game Notice: displays a game's system notice etc..
  • Game Options: displays a game's sidebar navigation: Submit New Game| Edit This Game | Delete This Game
  • Game Related Games: display related games which have same tags as current game
  • Game Social Shares: displays a game's social shares such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc..using AddThis service.
  • Game Stats: displays a game's stats (owner, date posted, date updated; various of favorite, view, comment, like counts)
  • Game Title: display game title
  • Game Tools: displays a game's tools (Share | Report)

Member Profile (Game) Widget

This widget allow you to integrate with Member Profile page

  • Profile Games: display member's submitted games on his/her profile page under "Game" tab
    • Support many settings / parameters similar to List Games widget above


Global Settings

  • Ability to set default game owner for imported games
  • Can force sponsored / featured games to display on top of browse page
  • Define how many games to display per page
  • screenshot

Distributor Category Mapping

  • Ability to define the mapping between distributor's categories and your site's categories
  • Optional to skip games belong certain distributor category from importing
  • Can define a catch-all category or skip games from importing when category is not found
  • screenshot

Distributor Import Games

  • Support feeds from Kongregate (screenshot)
  • Filter by categories, tag, developer etc.. (optional per game distributor)
  • Limit, and offset supported to import games as batch to easy server load.
  • Set default game status upon imported games
  • Decide whether to download swf files / photos.
  • Fetch games from CSV files (strict standardized format required) (screenshot)

Manage Games

  • Support many filtering options for quick browse / search for games (screenshot)
  • Quick link to change game publishing status (screenshot)
  • Mark game as featured and/or sponsored (screenshot | screenshot)
  • Ability to quickly preview game play right on the page
  • Optional download game file / photo to host on your server (screenshot)
  • Ability to perform various of tasks for multiple selected games: delete games; change game's status; download swf/photo files; remove swf/photo files.. (screenshot)

Member Level Settings

  • Granularity and detailed permission control
  • Optional approval for games submitted by your members
  • Permission to view: no, yes and for owner only, all games
  • Permission to create: no, yes
  • Permission to edit: no, owner only, all games
  • Permission to delete: no, owner only, all games
  • Permission to comment: no, owner only, all games
  • Ability to limit number of games a member can post
  • screenshot


  • Support sub-category (2nd level)
  • Ability to define category description
  • Ability to upload photo per category
  • Easy sorting and ordering categories
  • Move games between categories
  • screenshot

Add New Game

Beside importing games from game's distributors, you as an admin, can easily add game yourself. Note: your member can submit games on front-end too using less options / light-weight form.

  • Assign game to a particular category
  • Define game title, description, taggings
  • Ability to upload game swf/photo file OR just provide URL to those files (hot-link supported)
  • Set game play dimension: width x height
  • Optional for game instructions, controls
  • Optional custom game embed code (you can put html code here, such as iframe game)
  • Varieties of distributor's info: type, reference id, game slug etc..
  • Developer Name
  • Set game status: Published, Pending, or Disabled
  • Privacy settings for viewing and commenting.
  • Mark game as featured and/or sponsored
  • Optional to include/exclude from browse and search result
  • screenshot

Customized Fields / Questions

This plugin use built-in SocialEngine Fields system, which allow you to easily add your own questions / fields to game, similar to Member's Profile Fields option that you see in Admin. These fields can be shown on:

  • Game create / edit form
  • Search form
  • Game profile page
  • screenshot


For demonstration purposes, we have turned off some options / features on purpose to prevent abuse. Some pages may require you to log in or special permissions, please feel free to create an account for full test-drive experience.


Below are selected sample screenshots in admin control panel. For user front-end screenshot, please check out the live demo section above.

Disclaimer / Important Notes:

These read these important information before you purchase, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • This plugin does NOT come with any games. You can easily use the built-in import tools to import thousand of games from Kongregate, as well as adding your own games.
  • Although this plugin has built in tool which allows you to easily download game swf files from Kongregate server to host them on your site, some badly coded games may NOT work properly unless they are hosted on Kongregate. In such case, you just need to use the hot-link method, and don't host that game swf file on your site. Also there are games that may load files externally, and those external files may not be available anymore for some reason, hence cause the game to be broken, and not loaded.
  • We do NOT responsible for any games's content, quality whatsoever. We are not game developer nor distributor, hence we will not be able to provide any support for games!!! This plugin has built-in support for different game status, you can always review and test game content / quality prior publishing them on your site. Anyway, there are tens of thousands games out there. Our recommendation is just move on to different games that work. It's just not really worth the time and effort to dig deep into any single game. Of course, you can always try to contact the game's developer directly, and ask them to help.
  • If you have a different Game plugin installed on your site from another developer (not Radcodes'), you may have to completely remove it from your site (files / database tables, row entries - disable the plugin in Admin :: Manage Packages & Plugins is NOT enough) before you can install Radcodes Game Arcade Plugin. Please contact developer of your current installed Game plugin on how to do that. We can help you completely remove the plugin for you for a FEE (charged work) if you can't get the plugin's developer to do that for you.