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SocialEngine iMobile Plugin

$60 / license

Current Version:
v3.0.6 for SEv3

This plugin allows users, who use iPhone / iPod Touch or any supported webkit based browsers (Android, WebOS, etc ..), to easily access SocialEngine site by transforming it to a webapp (a Web-based applications designed to mimic the look and feel of native iPhone apps). This similar to how Facebook has touch version of their site.

Key Features

  • Fullscreen view mode without browser bar
  • Homescreen icon and Start Up image (customizable with your site logo/photo)
  • Native iPhone look-n-feel elements
  • Quick user status update form
  • Support major core SE pages and plugins
  • Very easy to add new mobile page (if you like)
  • Can switch between standard mode or mobile mode
  • Extremely addictive for your users :-)

Supported Pages

  • Home page: recent activity feeds
  • User Home
  • Profile: Info, Comments, Friends
  • Friends: view and search friends
  • Messages: inbox, view, send message
  • Login / Error
  • Notifications

Supported Plugins

  • Event: browse, search, view event
  • Group: browse, search, view group
  • Blog: browse, search, read blog post
  • Article: browse, search, view
  • Business: browse, search, view
  • Job Post: browse, search, view

More plugins will be added later if there are enough demand for it. This is just a initial release, so there is really no point to add support for a bunch of XYZ plugins, if the site does not even have XYZ installed.


This plugin is built with flexibility and easy to use / add-on in mind. You can easily add new mobile supported pages yourself. Example, let say you want to have a "mobile" page for "help.php" page, all you have to do is create a file "imobile_help.tpl" in your template folder. You can put whatever content in that template. Of course, you want to keep the mobile layout / design consistent with other mobile pages, so just look at how other mobile version templates are built, and go from there ;-)


  1. Built for Webkit based browsers (Safari, Chrome, etc), taylored for iPhone/iTouch. So in theory, user can use any webkit based browsers (Android, Pre, WebOS) to view the site in mobile mode, however the look-n-feel may not be as good as iPhone, and may lack some functionality that only applicable in iPhone.
  2. This is not an iPhone native app, where users have to download and install on their iPhone. You can totally bypass Apple app store. No need for Apple approval nor pay any fees. Any updates you want to do are seemlessly live on your server.
  3. Not all functionality of Social Engine in standard mode are supported, this webapp is a trip-down light-weight mobile version of SocialEngine, only main core useful functionality are supported. Look at Facebook for iPhone native app / touch version, and you will see its light version. Adding support for all pages, and plugins would require enormous time and resource, and would be a never ending task with all the 3rd party plugins.
  4. Currently this plugin supports 3 major popular plugins (Event, Group, Blog). Other plugins may be added later if there are enough demand for it.
  5. Due to nature of dynamic content and massive plugins of SocialEngine, sometimes user may view a non-supported mobile page, in such case, the plugin will nicely display a customzable message. User can simply press "Back" or switch to "Standard" mode to view that page, hence the entire browsing experience is very smooth. Btw, you can easily add new mobile supported page yourself just by create a new template file for that page (ie "imobile_PAGENAME.tpl") :-)


  • SocialEngine v3


To test this under iPhone/iPod Touch, please launch Safari browser, and go to (type it in address bar). On the bottom, tap the "+" sign, and choose "Add To Homescreen". Launch the site thru the homescreen icon to experience the power of webapp!!!

If you do not have iPhone to test, you can try it using any Webkit browser (Safari, Chrome), go to then scroll to bottom of the page, you will see "Browse Mode: ….", click on "Mobile Site". It may not be as good as it on iPhone, however it should give you a general feel of the plugin.

I strongly recommend you to check out screenshot section below, it is exactly how it would look and behave.


Below are screenshots taken from my iPhone for Radcodes SE demo website ;-)

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