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SocialEngine Sticky Notes / Reminder Calendar / Schedule Notification Plugin

$50 / license

Current Version:
v4.10.0 for SEv4

This plugin allows your site members to make personal Notes about different items (such as members, groups, events, classifieds, articles, businesses, properties etc..) throughout the site via integration on their profile pages. It also has a built-in calendar allowing members to schedule reminders and receive notifications via built-in Updates notifier and email.

Key Features

  • Massive integration with virtually any plugins (** requires profile page, and SE standard item)
  • Can write notes for themselves or any other members / groups / events / classifieds etc ..
  • AJAX / smoothbox popup for adding / editing / deleting notes
  • Built-in calendar system which list scheduled notes
  • Allow to set reminder and receive notifications (SE built-in notifier as well as email)
  • Quick indicator on top mini menu if there are scheduled reminders for the day
  • Easy to browse / search for notes with many different filtering options
  • Browse notes and calendar pages are both managable via Admin :: Layout Editor (widgetized)

Use Cases:

For examples, a member can post a Note ...

  • on his friend profile page, reminding about how they meet.
  • on an event that he joined, and set reminder to notify him when event starts and bring neccessary things.
  • on a group about how wonderful their last meetup was, and make sure to join upcoming events again.
  • on a business that he wants to checkout or write review in near future.
  • on a product that he is interested in purchasing during sale period, and set alert when sale starts to get the deal.
  • on a property to alert him when open-house happens.
  • for himself, and write just about anything!
  • about how wonderful this plugin is :-)


  • Profile Notes (Integration): list notes of current displayed items with ability to integrate on any profile pages (member, group, event, business etc..) with ajax paginator
  • Search Notes: display note search form with filtering by keywords, item types, ajax item drill-down, notes with reminder, and schedule date period.
  • Add New Note: display link to popup quick add note form, dynamically detect subject item of current viewing page
  • Main Menu Navigation: display main menu navigation for note pages

Admin Back-End

  • Manage / browse / search for notes
  • Set number of notes displayed per page
  • Enable / disable reminder notification alerts
  • Set reminder windows time
  • Member Level permissions to create / edit / delete notes





This plugin requires you to log in as a member to in order to use its features, so please sign up for a test member account.

Important Note: this plugin can integrate easily with any other plugins via "Profile Notes" widget, the requirements are that a) the plugin must have its profile page accessiable via Layout Editor, and b) the profile page must have its subject as a SE standard item. Majority plugins should meet these requirements.