SocialEngine Plugins

SocialEngine Messenger Plugin

$40 / license

Current Version:
v3.2.6 for SEv3

This plugin allows your social network users communicate instantly via messenger. It is a browser-based instant messaging client, use AJAX to create a near real-time IM environment for your community.

Key features:

  • Based on the best AJAX-IM core library with many improvement
  • Fully integrated with SocialEngine login system, profile page
  • Real-time IM environment with tons of options
  • Buddy list and block list with varities of online status
  • Sound and status notification for messages
  • Decide who can use messenger per user level
  • Direct logon to bypass SocialEngine and act as indepent chat enviroment
  • Include customized code to show online users on homepage (v1.25)


  • SocialEngine v3
  • SocialEngine v2
  • MySQL v4.1 and up (most likely if you meet minimum SE requirement, if you are not sure, ask your host)
  • Only support "Enabled Username" in your Admin :: General Setting.

That is you have checked "Yes, users are uniquely identified by their username."  radio box. This is most likely what you have, unless you use auto Numeric ID for username, and do not allow your user to choose their own username. In any case, please double check your SE setting.