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SocialEngine Reaction / Emoji Feedback Plugin

$40 / license

Current Version:
v4.10.0 for SEv4

This plugin allows your members to react to other members, posts, events, groups etc.. allowing them to express their emotions and share their feelings. You can easily create any new set of emotions or measurements, then drop it onto any profile pages (ex: Group, Event, Blog, Classified, Article, Job Post, Property etc..) and watch engagement level boost up. With a wide range of optional settings and flexibleable display design, you can turn this into a quick poll, questionnaires, rating scales to measure different sentiments or recommendation levels on variety of content types.

Key Features

  • Easy integration with other plugins via widgetized Profile pages
  • Ability to create unlimited group of reaction sets, for examples:
    • Emotion: Like, Happy, Love, Angry, Sad, Thankful
    • Thumb: Up, Thumb
    • Rating: Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, Terrible
    • Likelyhood: Rare, Unlikely, Possibly, Likely, Certainly
  • Can display reactions in two different modes: Icon vs Chart
  • Support 3 different sizing on output: large, medium, small to match with your site styling and format
  • Ability to customize the output, and filter in widgets
  • Many public-facing pages are widgetized and manageable via Layout Editor
  • Ability to mark any reactions as featured or sponsored
  • Native integration with activity feeds and notification updates
  • Full AJAX support allowing your members to quickly react and get result
  • Built-in react activity stream from your members
  • Top reacted items / posts, and engaged members
  • many more ..


Below are built-in widgets with a lot of configuration options / settings allowing you to customize the reaction related pages via Layout Editor anyway you like.

Skill General Widgets

You can use these widgets and drop on SE manageable pages via Layout Editor such as Home Page. All built-in Reaction Landing / Browse / Manage / Profile etc .. pages are built using these widgets.

  • List React Activities: Displays a list of react activities with different filtering options
  • List Reactions: Displays a list of reactions
  • Menu Reactions: Displays top menu navigation (Home | Activities | Manage)
  • Reaction Categories: Displays a list of reaction categories.
  • Search React Activities: Displays search react activities form
  • Top Reacted Items: Displays list of most reacted items
  • Top Reactors: Displays list of top reactors

Reaction Profile Widgets

Below are built-in skill widgets which let you build Reaction Profile Page (similar to Member Profile page) via Layout Editor

  • Reaction: Profile Breadcrumb: Displays a reaction's breadcrumb
  • Reaction: Profile Icon Featured: Displays a icon for featured reaction on its profile.
  • Reaction: Profile Icon Sponsored: Displays a icon for sponsored reaction on its profile.
  • Reaction: Profile Photo: Displays a reaction's photo
  • Reaction: Profile Social Shares: Displays a reaction's social shares
  • Reaction: Profile Statistics: Displays a reaction's statistics
  • Reaction: Profile Title: Displays a reaction's title
  • Reaction: Profile Top Items: Displays a reaction's top items
  • Reaction: Profile Top Reactors: Displays a reaction's top reactors

Integration Widgets

These two widgets can be used on Member Profile page, as well as many other plugin Profile pages such as Event, Group, Blog, Article, Job, Property, Resume, Business etc...

  • Profile (Integration) React Activities: Displays a list of react activities of an item or member on its profile page
  • Profile (Integration) Reactions: Integration of reactions on member / event / group / etc.. profile pages.


Manage Reactions

  • Add unlimited number of reactions
  • Easy to browse reactions using search / filter form
  • Mark reactions as featured / sponsored (icons)
  • Ability to delete single / multiple reactions

React Activities

  • List, browse, and search for react activities
  • Delete single or multiple reacts with easy

Global Settings

  • Define number of reacts to show on browse page

Member Level Settings

  • Granularity and detailed permission control
  • Permission to view: no, yes and for owner only, all
  • Permission to create: no, yes
  • Permission to delete: no, owner only, all

Manage Categories

  • Category can have description
  • Photo / Icon upload supported
  • Ability to move category as well as ordering them
  • Edit / Delete categories


Below are sample screenshots for plugin's front-end and admin control panel.




For demonstration purposes, we have turned off some options / features on purpose to prevent abuse. We strongly recommend you to create a test account on our demo site to have full test-drive experience.

Disclaimer / Notes

Integration with 3rd Party plugins

Radcodes makes no guarantee that Reaction plugin integration would work with ALL SocialEngine plugins.  The integration requires a plugin to 1) has a manageable ITEM profile page via Layout Editor, and 2) has a "subject" extending SocialEngine Core Item class associated with that profile page. Majority of SocialEgine plugins (ex: Event, Group, Blog, Article, Job Post etc..) should easily meet the requirements above. Please note that some plugins may not have a profile page or an ITEM class, thus integration would not be possible and/or not applicable.

Reaction Emoji Icons

For your convenience, the plugin come with built-in reactions listed under "General", and "Thumb" category as shown on our demo page. As an admin, you can easily add more reactions that meet your site needs. You can find many wonderful reactions / emoji on We use LazyCrazy's Very Emotional set for "Feelback" category,  By Iconika's Emoticon set for "Quality" category, and Yannick Lung's Freecns Cumulus for "Likelyhood" category on our demo site.