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SocialEngine Privacy Shield Plugin

$40 / license

Current Version:
v4.10.0 for SEv4

This plugin provides enhanced privacy controls for your members on supported profile pages (ie: member, classified, event, group, article, business, resume profile pages etc..) It works in conjunction with SocialEngine native privacy settings and acts as an optional secondary barrier to protect profile pages from unauthorized access.  With privacy shield, a profile page’s owner can set access code, block unwanted members from viewing, and/or allow only specific members to access the page.

Key Features

  • Easy integration with other plugins via widgetized Profile pages
  • Support three optional ways to enhance privacy of supported profile pages
    • Require "Access Code" to view (ie: password-protected page)
    • Block unwanted members from accessing
    • Allow only specific members to access
  • Acts as a stand-alone / optional feature for your members to use as their disposal
  • Ability to set Master Code to unlock any Access Code protected pages
  • Admin can turn on/off any of the privacy control features
  • Privacy shield can be by-passed per Member Level settings
  • Individual shield features can be configured per each profile type
  • Seamless integration on User Settings menu to manage shields
  • many more ..

Example Use-cases

  • John would like to protect his classified ads post from public viewing, and only wish certain people to view it. He can easily achieve this by setting "Access Code" and shares this code with whom he wants to be able to view this ads.
  • Jack has been hostile toward John, and keep spamming / trolling John's pages (ie: profile, event, group etc..). John can easily use Shield - Block Members feature to block Jack from viewing any of John's pages.
  • John only wants recruiters / agencies to view his resume. He can just use Shield - Allow Members to add these specific people to the list, and other people would be restricted from viewing his resume.


Below are built-in widgets with a lot of configuration options / settings allowing you to customize the related pages via Layout Editor anyway you like.

Integration Widgets

This widget can be used on Member Profile page, as well as many other plugin Profile pages such as Event, Group, Blog, Article, Job, Property, Resume, Business etc...

  • Profile (Integration) Privacy Shield: display privacy shield tools on member or supported profile pages


Manage Shields

  • Easy to browse shields using search / filter form
  • Quick view settings for each shield
  • Ability to delete single / multiple shields

Global Settings

  • Define "Master Code" to unlock any Access Code protected page
  • Ability to disable Access Code at global / side-wide level
  • Ability to disable Block Members at global / side-wide level
  • Ability to disable Allow Members at global / side-wide level

Member Level Settings

  • Granularity and detailed permission control
  • Permission to create shield, and use one or all features:
    • Access Code
    • Block Members
    • Allow Members
  • Ability to by-pass privacy shield features
    • Access Code
    • Block Members
    • Allow Members


Below are sample screenshots for plugin's front-end and admin control panel.




For demonstration purposes, we have turned off some options / features on purpose to prevent abuse. We strongly recommend you to create a test account on our demo site to have full test-drive experience.

Disclaimer / Notes

Integration with 3rd Party plugins

This plugin should work and can be integrated with any profile pages which has a SocialEngine subject associated with it, and the subject must be a SocialEngine core item class which has a defined member owner. Majority of 3rd party plugins should meet this basic requirement.

How privacy shield work?

The shield works as a stand-alone, secondary privacy check after any default / built-in existing privacy settings have been validated.