SocialEngine Plugins

SocialEngine Wink / Poke Plugin

$40 / license

Current Version:
v4.10.0 for SEv4
v3.0.1 for SEv3

This plugin allows your members to send wink, poke, and variety type of actions, objects to other members. It helps you create a more fun / interactive environment for your site, increase exposure and engagement between your members.

Key Features

  • Main public pages are widgetized, and managable via Admin :: Layout Editor
  • Browse wink, poke, and different actions / objects with search / filter options
  • Integrated featured / sponsored winks to promo cool/fun actions
  • Popular winks for most sent by members
  • Top stats for most active wink senders and receivers
  • Member's wink page for activities, most sent / received winks, and popular senders / receivers
  • Integrated with member profile page with quick send wink link, and tabs
  • Support optional message, and privacy for sent winks.
  • Wink activity streams
  • Many built-in widgets allow you to totally control the layout / design per your needs

Back-End Features

  • Manage winks with sorting / filtering
  • View and manage member's sent wink activities with searching supported
  • Categories can have photo/icon and description with ability to move / ordering them
  • Add and define any type of wink, poke, and actions / objects
  • User-Level control permission, who can send, view, receive winks etc..
  • Ability to mark winks as featured / sponsored
  • Support pre-ordering to push more prioritized winks on top


Home Page and Browse Page

  • Browse Winks
  • Categories
  • Send New Wink
  • List Wink Activities
  • List Winks
  • Main Menu
  • Featured Winks
  • Sponsored Winks
  • Search Form
  • Top Receivers
  • Top Senders

Wink Profile

  • Wink Activities
  • Wink Breadcrumb
  • Wink Description
  • Wink Icon Featured
  • Wink Icon Sponsored
  • Wink Info
  • Wink Photo
  • Wink Send Link
  • Wink Social Share
  • Wink Title
  • Wink Tools
  • Wink Top Receivers
  • Wink Top Senders

Wink Activity (Sent Wink) Profile

  • Activity Breadcrumb
  • Activity Comments
  • Activity Details
  • Activity History
  • Activity Social Shares
  • Activty Tools

Wink Member Profile

  • Member Activities
  • Member Breadcrumb
  • Member Most Received Winks
  • Member Most Sent Winks
  • Member Photo
  • Member Send Wink Link
  • Member Social Shares
  • Member Title
  • Member Top Receivers
  • Member Top Senders


For demonstration purposes, we have turned off some options / features on purpose to prevent abuse. Some pages may require you to log in or special permissions, please feel free to create an account for full test-drive experience.


Below are selected sample screenshots in admin control panel. For user front-end screenshot, please check out the live demo section above.

Notes: The plugin comes with 4 default pre-installed winks. You can add additional winks in admin, there are plenty of smiley icons on the web, here are few packs that we recommend: The Blacy, BUTTERY, POPO, Very emotional emoticons 2, or simply search on IconFinder.